The central GLORIA database (CGDB)

The central GLORIA database was designed during the EU FP-5 project 'GLORIA-Europe' as central container of all data collected. While the property rights of a target region's data stay with the partner(s) associated with the target region, it is inevitable to maintain a central database to STORE these data. Especially as GLORIA is a long-term monitoring project with re-investigation cycles of 5 to 10 years, persons involved may change over decades, but datasets have to be accessible.

All datasets are stored and archieved at the backup server of the University of Vienna, thus garantee available data for generations of scientists.

Data included into the CGDB has to fulfill certain standards regarding structure, completeness, uniformity or flawlessness.
This is achieved by multi-plane checks:

  • The method is described in the field manual and approved by the consortium
  • Species lists are checked for GLORIA-wide consistency
  • GDIT checks are performed before allowing to create an upload package
  • Final checks are performed before including data into the CGDB

This procedure may sound somewhat complicated, but really ensures comparability of target regions from very different parts of this world.

The central GLORIA database
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