The GLORIA Photo Documentation and Management Tool (GPDM)

The GPDM was written by the GLORIA co-ordination as MS-Access software and can be downloaded here in version Access 97 or Access 200-2003.

The tool provides an easy way of coding all photo documentation of your target region in a standardised way.

This is normally the last step of including your target regions data into the central GLORIA database.

Photos will be stored digitally on our server and are backed-up to the tape robot of the University of Vienna, thus ensuring access to the pictures for generations, a very important factor regarding the role of the pictures whilst a re-installation of any GLORIA site.

The Photos are also used in the field database as documentation of your target region, even showing landscape or persons pictures at the restricted level of the field database, provided they are accordingly coded and approved to be public.

The GPDM is NOT impersonated (in contradiction to the GDIT) and is usable for any target region once you have downloaded it.

The GLORIA Photo Documentation and Management Tool
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