The vegetation zones coverage:

Target regions should be distributed across all the major vegetation zones, or zonobiomes (sensu Walter 1985; Richter 2001),

  • from tropical to polar latitudes to cover tropical mountains with a diurnal humid climate (Zonobiome I);
  • tropical mountains with an annual temperature and precipitation periodicity (Zb. II);
  • high desert areas of the tropics and subtropics (Zb. III);
  • Mediterranean mountains (Zb. IV);
  • mountains in the warm-temperate humid vegetation zone (Zb. V);
  • temperate mountains (Zb. VI); temperate dry mountains (Zb. VII);
  • boreal mountains (Zb. VIII);
  • and polar/arctic/antarctic mountains (Zb. IX).

Further, major transition zones such as subpolar, or transitions from Zb. I to Zb. II, may be considered.

Currently, most sites are concentrated in Europe, where only mediterranean, temperate, boreal, sub-polar mountains are found.

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