The GLORIA Master Site Schrankogel, Stubaier Alpen, Tyrol, Austria

a: The investigation area. I..geographical map, II..shaded Digital Elevation Model, III..model area. A..southwest slope, B..south ridge, C..southeast ridge. Black stripes and dots: sampled permanent plots, arranged to grids. Important geomorphological situations, which are reflected by and can be modelled using the DEM: 1..well pronounced, southeast slope rich in scree. 2..hollows with scree. 3..downslope areas below major ridges which structure the main slope. 4..upslope areas on major ridge. 5..ridge tops. 6..wide debris cones below major ridge. b: Zoom into the south ridge (B). c: Permanent plots, arranged to transects (zoom into b). d: Micro-versus macro-relief.


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