The network of GLORIA target regions
image 1
Galium magellense, Maiella, Centr. Apennines, Italy (2000m)
image 1
Monte Vioz, S-Alps, Italy (3600m)
image 2
Majella, Central Apennines, Italy (2050m)
image 3
Festuca orthophylla, P.N. Sajama, Bolivia (4150m)
image 4
Thibaudia grantii, P.N. Chingaza, Colombia (3250m)
image 4
Rock glacier, Touchal, Alborz, Iran (3650m)
image 4
SE of Punta Olimpica, Cordillera Blanca, Peru (4700m)
image 4
Hulsea algida, White Mountains, California, USA (3740m)
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