The network of GLORIA target regions
image 1
Dovrefjell, S-Scandes, Norway
image 1
Gentiana bavarica, Schrankogel, Central Alps, Austria (3000m)
image 2
Touchal, Alborz, Iran (3500m)
image 3
Arenaria polytrichoides, Deqin, NW-Yunnan, China (4850m)
image 4
Phlomis alpina, Katunskiy B.R., Altai, Russia (2300m)
image 4
Dryas octopetala, P.N. Mercantour, SW-Alps, France (2550m)
image 4
Alpe di Succiso, Northern Apennines, Italy (2000)
image 4
Gonkar/Deqin, NW-Yunnan, China (4300m)
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