Temperature measurement

Please send Metainformation and Dataloggerfiles to gloria.office@boku.ac.at!

Settings for temperature loggers

For GLORIA-wide consistent temperature series please consider, in addition to the short overview below, the following documents:

  1. The GLORIA Field Manual - Multi-Summit Approach for overall instructions on installing loggers, and
  2. GLORIA Temperature loggers - a technical appendix for technical instructions on logger management.

A short overview:

  • Time settings:
    All temperature data loggers internal time should be set to GMT/UTC. You achieve this by setting your computers time to GMT/UTC when launching the loggers. You cannot manually adjust internal time of the loggers to other than your computers time.
  • Start time:
    All temperature data loggers for a target region should start recording at the same time.
    When launching the loggers, choose 'delayed start' and set start time for all loggers to the same time.
  • Recording interval:
    Recording interval should be set to 1 hour!
    This gives a time-frame of about 3 years in field (about 1350 days) with a safety zone of a few months.
    Make sure, the loggers configuration is set to stop recording after this time or when its memory is full.
  • End time:
    When collecting your loggers from the summits again and exchanging them against a new set, make sure there is no gap in the time series.

Guidelines for installing and changing loggers

If you are using recommended Geo-Precision data loggers, here some relevant files: